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Think Big Picture, Increase Social Media Engagement

Despite what you may think, there is more to life than getting likes. This is true for personal accounts, but even more so for a business’ social media presence. Social media marketing enables you to directly connect with your audience, and turn them into your customers.

This article will discuss how to start increasing engagement.

It is overwhelming to manage many networking websites. This makes it essential to research what is best for your product or service. You will save time, money and effort by focusing on which social media platforms are most optimal for you. Once you know, master the flow of communication from that source. Remember: social media is ineffective without engagement.  

Social media ideas and tactics have become more sophisticated. We know there are countless benefits from having strong social media engagement. We also know that people spend more than 30% of online time is spent browsing social media. In response, people generated a social guide for how to increase Facebook likes, how to get blog followers and more. These online tools are helpful to explore when getting started.

Let’s Get Social

Social media interaction requires more effort on your end than most people think. Identifying your top performing platforms can be challenging. Creating goals and tools to analyze the success of your posts is also difficult. One of the top social network sites right now is Instagram. Instagram defines Impressions as “the total number of times all of your posts have been seen,” and Reach as “the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts.” Instagram has built-in tools that allow you to analyze these factors. In addition, they track profile views, website clicks, and email clicks. Applying these metrics to other platforms, we can assess overall engagement and progress.

Having a large number of followers looks professional. However, reaching 20,000 people is more important than having 20,000 followers, if your impressions convert those people into paying customers.


The best place to start increasing engagement is building your brand. It needs to be consistent, uniform and recognizable without your logo. This is a key element so your followers can easily identify and get a true feel for what you value as a company. Timing in posts and comments also contributes to your brand by reminding followers that you are always there and always working.

Next, start the conversation with your audience, and be attentive to their responses! By referencing current events or trending topics, your company will appear in Discover pages. You want to create, post and promote content that is unique and evergreen. Increasing post frequency will increase organic growth and strengthen PageRank. Research shows that people watch over 100 million hours of videos daily on social media. If you can create captivating videos, take part in these hours to extend your impressions. A variety of posts is important, but ones with images should outnumber those without.


Once you start consistently posting brand content, get to know your audience. Research your demographic to find their interests off social media and cater to that. You can inspire a reaction by publishing content your audience enjoys and wants to see in their feed.

Engage, Engage, Engage

There are many other great ways to engage with your followers. You can respond to comments, tag followers in posts and create hashtags. Engagement is a two-way street, so when your audience reaches out, you need to respond in a timely manner. Make it easy for people to engage with your company, and ask them to! Hashtags help build a community and enable you to directly communicate. You can use them to answer questions or promote upcoming products. Hashtags should be unique, memorable, relevant, short and simple.

A final idea to get more followers engaging on social media is to join and contribute to groups and forums. Participating in other networks of people and companies makes your brand more public. This increases your reach, builds relationships and makes your company known. Sharing relevant content from other businesses strengthens engagement with that company and their network of followers.


Engagement at NDMR

Monitoring all of these details can be strenuous and time-consuming. To inquire about our social media services here at NDMR, visit our Services Page or send us an Email.


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