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Upcoming Changes to AdWords in April

If you utilize the video advertising option in AdWords, pay attention because changes are coming your way. Google announced recently that starting April 15, new video campaigns will have an unfamiliar look and format. In addition, once May 15 rolls around, all video campaigns will

Why is second screening so addictive?

When consuming media on television, recent studies have shown that more and more people are accessing a second screen simultaneously to access online media. When did the television become not enough for people? Why do people feel the need to view multiple screens at the

Why Vectors Are Essential For A Slick Marketing Campaign

Marketing is all about communicating your business’ core message. Through various avenues, from advertising to social media through to sales, marketing relies on ancillary materials to promote this message. This is to help convince prospective customers that your business is worth a second look. From

SEO through PPC example “houston garage door repairs”

With the power of conversion tracking via google adwords, we are able to identify keywords like “houston garage door repairs” to be highly valuable for the amount of leads generated. we then start optimizing the site for those keywords to achieve a better result for