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Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategies

Valentine’s Day generates billions of dollars every year. If you aren’t taking advantage of this holiday to promote your business, you are missing out! Here are a few of our favorite campaign ideas for this holiday, broken down by some of the most popular industries.

1. Florists

Try out an email marketing campaign using existing customers you have in your database. The email should be sent out a few days before the holiday offering a percentage off of Valentine’s Day Roses. Be sure to mention the offer is only valid before/on Valentine’s Day.

*Note, including coupons or discounts with all of your emails to customers/potential customers will reduce the chance of being unsubscribed to.

2. Gyms

For the health-oriented consumer, try offering some sort of couples boot camp or couples challenge. Promote the event a few weeks ahead of time, and offer a gift card to a restaurant near the gym or a pair of movie tickets for the winners.

3. Online Boutiques

Due to shipping restrictions, campaigns for these business types should be initiated a few weeks in advance. Swap out social media cover photos and post articles about your Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him or her. Make sure people are aware of shipping deadlines. Post types similar to “Last chance to make sure your gift arrives before Valentine’s Day”, will be a helpful reminder for last-minute gift-buyers.

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