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Paid Media and Billboard Services

Television advertising reaches a very large audience. It is also great because you have the choice of running a national or local campaign. Television advertising is highly recommended when your business has a sale or special deal. It is also a great way to get your company’s name and brief information out to the public.

Radio is perceived as the most intimate of advertising mediums because people often are alone when listening at work or during their commute. As a result, people are found to be more accepting of radio advertising than any other type of media.

Reporting for press release performance metrics, provides a platform for approval and writing of Press Releases. Syndication releases across thousands of websites within the vast PRweb network. Integration with landing pages, websites & social media. Easy-to-read reporting.

Billboards are a great type of advertising for any national or local company. They have the lowest exposure cost and the highest reach.

Yellow Pages advertising is still highly effective with the ability to track and measure leads. It also targets those who are ready to buy.

Direct Mail is an affordable, personal way to inform more consumers about your offerings and attract new business. It allows you to focus on your target audience, by directing your campaign to the specific demographics you want to reach.

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