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Web Design

You get, on average, about ten seconds to either gain a website viewer or generate a bounce. That crucial first impression makes all the difference in what your website traffic will look like. Therefore it’s important to focus on an aesthetically pleasing site so that viewers will want to stay longer, and if it’s user-friendly, they may even convert to a customer!

Web Development

New Dimension’s customizable websites will help your business make a splash on the web. Tailoring your website’s look and content to your specific needs gives you the edge over your competition, and helps to bring you new customers!

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Given over 50% of all Google searches now take place on a mobile devices, all of our websites builds are mobile-responsive and automatically adjust to offer simplified navigation and visuals that are easier to digest on small screens. Furthermore, the information most mobile users need, such as phone number, location, hours, and directions is right at their fingertips.

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