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Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Ready For the Holidays

Mobile has finally passed desktop useĀ (Search Engine Watch) which means businesses will need put focus on optimizing their current websites to capitalize on the changes. A study done by comScore, shows searches made by a mobile or tablet have increased by 45%, while desktop has seen a decline compared to prior year’s data. Here are a few ways to make sure your customers have a mobile-friendly experience while holiday shopping this year.

1. Create and Adaptive/ Responsive Design
An adaptive design has the capability to detect what type of device a user is browsing on, and then generates a correctly sized page. A responsive design automatically adjusts to the size of the device the user is browsing on. Both are similar solutions that allow customers to visit your website no matter what they are browsing on.

2. Scale Down Your Design
A good mobile website has enough content to fill a screen and provide the user with necessary information, but not so much that it crams the page and leaves it unreadable. This also means making the size of your image files as small as possible to help your page load quickly.

3. Choose The Right Fonts
As simple as this sounds, a bad font can aesthetically ruin a website. Using a custom font can make your website stand out, but on a mobile device the time it takes to download those font types can actually impact the user flow. While waiting for a font to load, most users see a blank space instead of text. If you are really attached to a custom font, adjust your website’s code to display text in a default font and then re-render the page when the font has completely downloaded.

Whether you are ready for the holidays or not, shopping season is here. By creating a seamless purchasing process for your customers, you put your business in a good position to benefit from all of these changes and convert page visits into sales.