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5 Web Design Trends That Will Define 2017

2017 is almost here which means it’s time to start talking about upcoming website design trends. We can already start to see that 2017 will be a showcase of really impressive work. Brands are looking set themselves apart from other competitors and appeal to today’s consumer, who is always hungry for fresh innovative content. Here are a few of 2017’s design trends to watch out for:

1. Mobile Design is Here to Stay

2017 design trends

As people spend less time on their computers and more on their phones, companies are accommodating and prioritizing the role of the mobile phone when it comes to website design. This means that mobile applications are more popular than ever, and websites are being tailored to work for small screens.

2. Stock Imagery is Out; Authentic Photography is In

2017 Design Trends

This trend is our favorite. People crave authentic, heartfelt photography. Original photography connects to people and their emotions, while stock photography strikes consumers as exactly what it is: contrived, staged, goofy, and insincere. Good photography humanizes a business. Twenty20 is our go-to for anti-stock photos.

3. Original Type

2017 design trends

Like trends with video and photography, the type is getting larger than life in an effort to connect with a brand’s audience. Type is often overlooked facet of website design, when, in fact, it can actually convey a surprisingly strong message. 2017 will see a trend in dramatic, all-consuming type that dominates the page, perhaps even more than the website’s pictures.

For more information on typography visit our blog post Typography 101

4. The Domination of Video

2017 design trends

Video is so powerful because of its incorporation of so many forms of media and art. It also is able to appeal to numerous senses simultaneously. Video is set to be one of 2017’s most popular design trends. It able to instantly capture an audience, whereas pictures can appear dull in comparison.

5. Innovative Scrolling

2017 design trends
Scrolling was once used conservatively. These days, website designers are thinking outside of the box when it comes to scrolling. They are no longer using scrolling as a way to just get from the top to the bottom of a page, but as a creative function.

As you can see, 2017 is set to bring in some very big and very fun design trends. Now, more than ever, brands are getting as imaginative and artistic as possible in order to create an eye-catching website.

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