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If online advertising is your field, you’ll want to continue reading and if it isn’t, read on anyway – what we’re about to share can save you and make you money! Since the dawn of the internet and the rise and development of e-commerce, internet

Are You Connected to Your Customers?

The name of the game when it comes to success for small and large businesses alike is treating the customer correctly. If you treat your customer with care and concern, you stand a good chance of reaping the benefits. If, however, you are not fully

Do Not Underestimate the Value of PPC Campaigns

As a small business owner, everyone knows you have many hats to wear. In doing so, some things can be pushed to the back burner, meaning your business can end up suffering. Take search engine optimization (SEO) and the importance it plays with your company

Moving Your Site to another Domain

It happens all the time. Companies move their website to another domain whether it is because they got bought by another company, or like soccerloco, they went through a re-branding and that is something they had to do. If you have to do that, there

5 Great Keyword Research Tools

1. Majestic SEO – Majestic-SEO provides Competitive Link Intelligence to link building  specialists. They believe they are the planet’s most comprehensive backlinks provider, and offer a number of tools to allow access to this valuable information. In addition to their free services, they allow registered