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5 Great Keyword Research Tools

1. Majestic SEO – Majestic-SEO provides Competitive Link Intelligence to link building  specialists. They believe they are the planet’s most comprehensive backlinks provider, and offer a number of tools to allow access to this valuable information. In addition to their free services, they allow registered users to test their services free of charge by generating reports for sites they control. Registration is free, and their highly competitive subscription plans start at low prices, with 1 month minimum commitment, and offer a number of tools to enable analysis of competing domains to be performed. For Enterprise users, they offer an API service for internal use which enables your developers to integrate their data into your existing suite of reports and applications.

2. SEO Book’s Link Harvester –  The Link Harvester returns:

  • unique linking domains
  • their IP addresses & unique c block addresses of the links
  • links from .gov, .mil, .edu, or domains. Links from these domains are likely rated better in authority type algorithms such as Hilltop or TrustRank.
  • Link Harvester also bolds and autochecks domains that link from 5 or more pages. You can then requery the Yahoo! database and spider deeper than the 1,000 link limit.
  • Link Harvester uses the Yahoo! API, provides CSV outputs, and is an open source tool. If you are a heavy user or the query limit (5,000 daily requests) is exceeded feel free to host your own copy of Link Harvester on your site. Setup should take under a minute.
  • Link Harvester also links to the Internet Archives, WhoIs Source, and Google cache near each link.
  • 403 errors means the tool is used up for the day.
  • please try one of the mirrors or mirror the tool on your server if you use it frequently
  • tool mirrors: thanks to Todd & Martin


3. Page Inlink Analyzer – This Video Should Do It..
We like to use this tool to identify how linking pages are socially labeled.

4. Bad Neighborhood – Text Link Checker

Text links are an important factor in today’s search engine optimization, and exchanging links with other websites is a good way to get them. However, doing a link exchange with a website that is penalized can have some detrimental results.  Bad Neighborhood’s Text Link Tool will scan the links on your website, and on the pages that your website is linking to, and flag possible problem areas. This can greatly ease your SEO efforts. For an explanation of what the various visual cues mean, mouse over them for more information.

Important Note: This tool is intended as a guide to assist webmasters in locating potential problem areas with their linking strategies, it is not intended to dictate who you do or do not link out to. Please read more at the Bad Neighborhood Clarification post on the Bad Neighborhood blog.

5. Analyze Backlinks – We love Analyze backlinks here at AAA Linking. This tools does a lot of the basic dissecting and list generating on the spot.