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Digital Marketing Agencies in San Diego Go Remote!

As the Digital Marketing industry continues to boom, agencies in San Diego and all around the US are now turning to innovated ways to please and retain their employees. Each year more agencies begin to offer incentives like weekly remote days or rotating half days, while other agencies offer unlimited remote days and unlimited paid time off. Although some of these incentives may seem somewhat unproductive from a business standpoint, the majority of “flex schedule workplace” studies have proven that these types of incentives generally increase overall productivity and are equally beneficial for both the employer and the employee.

The modern millennial mindset still seem to be “work are, play hard”, so modern companies are now shifting their mindsets to, “as long as the work is getting done at a high-quality level, go forth and explore!” Of course, for this to truly work, everyone working for the given company has to be bought into the flex schedule and understand the responsibility that comes with it. I have worked with an agency that has attempted to implement a remote friendly office (work remote as needed), but unfortunately, some employees took advantage of the perk and it was taken away shortly thereafter. However, for every company that isn’t able to successfully implement a flex schedule, there is one that does. As companies begin to see more employee retention and success by simply allowing their employees to have a flex schedule, more companies will begin adopting the idea.

Here at New Dimension Marketing and Research in Encinitas, we developed and implemented our own flex schedule back in May of 2016. We implemented a rotating remote day system, giving our employees one day a week to work from where ever they please. Everyone gets a different day to ensure we always have a full team on deck. Since adopting this flexibility, productivity has not faltered and creativity has been at an all-time high. The work environment also feels more relaxed and employees have successfully held themselves accountable for the work that needs to be done while working from home. At NDMR, a Digital Marketing Agency in San Diego, the key to success is trusting our team and continuously working together.

We are curious and excited to see how these type of company perks continue to develop and get implemented as businesses begin to see more success with them. If the company you work for is implementing some kind of flex schedule perks, we would love to hear about it!