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Get Mobile; Get Local for 2015

According to Analytics Clarity, a data analysis firm in Orange County, and also according other Internet research firms and web marketing companies, mobile traffic will triumph desktop traffic in the year 2015.

These companies have indicated that most of the mobile traffic will come from search engines where users will use their mobile devices to search Google and Bing looking for various websites and businesses.

Both mentioned search engines in particular Google realize the value of returning the most relevant search results for their users hence they are more likely to return a mixture of localized search results based on users location, device phone number (area code), and search phrase.

According to a renowned SEO consultant,  SEO in 2015 should be focused around mobile SEO and local SEO.  In a personal interview with him, he added the following:

Phone screens are larger, even Apple increased the screen size of their new iPhone 6 to keep up with the consumer demand. This is because consumers are using their mobile devices more in order to complete their personal and professional tasks. This should prompt any marketer to pay more attention to mobile when formulating their marketing strategy for 2015.

About Local marketing and local SEO he added,

Users appreciate and prefer localized search result when searching the search engines. All businesses and marketers should pay attention this and focus on local SEO and local marketing. Take Amazon for an example; They are not a local company but with their enhanced same day deliver creates a localized impression for their customers and their product Amazon Local offers localized deals for their users. This indicates how important local marketing is!

Along with mobile and local marketing, he added that social media will play larger roles in search engine rankings and will become more important.

In Summary, mobile SEO and local SEO will be name of the game in 2015.  If your company is not on top of this, then better hurry up. If you need help, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.