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All New Update to YouTube’s Analytics

YouTube’s Analytics got a serious overhaul with an upgrade that will change the way you view your YouTube interactions. What makes something as arbitrary as reporting tools so unique? How about viewing the updates to your video in real-time?

That’s right, with the “Real-Time Analytics” that YouTube rolled out two weeks ago, those who publish videos will be able to check on their views and engagement almost instantaneously. From “now,” to in the last hour, and beyond. This helps give users early estimated insight on how well their content is performing. With access to this advanced information, video marketing will be heightened to a new level providing new promotion strategies and feedback.

You are given the data in the form of two graphs, one that shows hour-to-hour, and another that shows minute-to-minute. This information currently cannot be filtered or further customized (geographic filter, date picker, comparison charts, etc.) however we have a hunch that YouTube has plans to expand this new feature in the future.


This report in real-time updates every 10 seconds to keep you up-to-date on the most recent data you can get. Will this drive more users to the YouTube marketing world, or will it simply generate a temporary interest? One thing’s for sure, being able to neurotically check your performance every ten seconds will cause marketers to pay more attention to their analytics and video performance. Will having constantly refreshed reporting help you be a better YouTube marketer?