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Generation Z – The New Millennial

With the reign of the Millennial generation coming to an end, marketing strategists are evolving marketing efforts to appeal and attract Generation Z. Emerging as a larger, and more influential generation compared to Millennials, strategists have begun to realize how big of an opportunity there truly is with Generation Z.

Growing up in such a fast paced computer environment, Gen Z has posed a huge threat for standard and traditional marketing tactics. In order to keep the attention of this generation, companies will need to create engaging and fresh content faster than ever before, and deliver almost immediate messages to the new consumers.

Brands will need to fight for a strong presence in the digital world, and the lack of social outlets, and online activity, will be almost detrimental. Generation Z wants to see interaction between brands and consumers, and the brands who make them feel enabled and involved, will likely be shared and promoted through personal posts and shares.

Presentation will be key for this generation, meaning content marketing will be a crucial component to every campaign. This doesn’t mean brands will need to recreate everything entirely, just adjust it. Brands should seek new and creative ways where the user gains an experience vs. a sales pitch.

The best thing Marketers can do right now is focus on the future. Begin testing what works and what resonates with the new generation, because before long, they will become one of the biggest active audiences the industry has encountered.

Gen Z Photo