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Make a Better First Impression with Your Emails

It’s easy to lose the human side of communication in the digital world. Keep in mind, there are real people behind those keyboards and monitors. This means when you interact with customers digitally, you’re still responding to human needs, creating emotional connections, and providing value. Don’t waste your consumer’s time with robotic nonsense that creates no relationship. Oftentimes, your first point of contact is through a welcome email, here’s your chance to make the first impression your mom always prepared you for.

That first impression you make in your welcome email is incredibly important because those emails generate 3x more transactions and revenue than any other email sends. Therefore it really is a crucial step in creating the long-lasting relationship that will create conversions.

The most important step in any form of marketing is making sure that you test everything. Everyone’s business models are different so you have to develop a strategy that works for you. Determine your market and what appeals to them as a whole, then test a few different approaches to find a good fit that generates the best response.

Work on developing a humanized connection from the start. If you can, connect users with an actual person to generate trust and communication. This is a process that can be real-time or automated.

Get rid of unnecessary and distracting text. Chances are a lot of time your fluff text isn’t going to get read anyways so lose anything non-essential and keep things simple. Create a message that draws a reader in and provides a clear call-to-action with no confusion.

If it applies to your business style, deliver the product/service right there in the email where it’s easily accessible.

Provide a useful follow-up. Let users know where they left off in the process, remind them what their next steps should be and how to complete them, and what will happen when the steps are completed to bring it all to a close.


Free stuff is always a bonus. Entice new users further by offering a discount code, free product with first purchase, etc.


The most important thing to remember is in all of this email sending, be sure to test what works and what tanks. Once you find the strategy that best works for your company, move forward in applying it to your remaining email campaigns.