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Benefits of a Standing Desk

As we begin to quickly creep up on the New Year, New Dimension (NDMR) marketing agency in San Diego, is already taking big steps to create a more healthy and wellness-focused workplace environment. Like they always say, there is no better investment than in yourself! That’s why our owner, Lee Weisman, has graciously begun providing a standing desk for employees that are interested in utilizing one. Why standing desks you ask? Well, besides knowing that sitting for 8 hours a day (or more) slouched over a computer is terribly bad for your mental and physical health. Implementing a standing desk into your routine is a very simple adjustment that can bring forth countless health and wellness benefits to the office. With the average American spending 88% of their day sitting, allowing the bodies to be sedentary for 21 of the 24 hour day, there are many benefits of utilizing a standing deck. Rather than always using a traditional sit-down desk, which people are now claiming is somewhat like a new “cigarette”, in terms of its health repercussions. Especially when it comes to the workplace. The following are the 2 major reasons ways standing desk can be beneficial for you and your agencies as a whole.

While being in an active standing position, it allows you to better stay engaged and continues to force your muscular system and body as a whole to stay firing. Thus, aiding in the prevention of office sleepiness and mind drifting. Which happens far too often when sitting at a desk in front of a computer for a long period of time. Utilizing a standing desk will also help you get rid you your mid-day or post-lunch slumps! Allowing you to power through the day feeling engaged and fully energized.

By utilizing a standing desk in your office, you will also begin to experience less body aches and pains. Especially in the lower back, shoulders, neck, and hip flexors. The standing position will allow for better blood circulation, making this very beneficial for people with various types of arthritis and/or circulations issues often experienced in the hand and feet while sitting for long periods of time. When you are not worried about and being bothered by all these aches and pains, it will allow you to better focus on the task at hand. Resulting in a much more productive work week for you and your colleagues.

Another encouraging reason to go out and get a standing desk is the health benefit. Obviously sitting all day, hunched over at your desk isn’t great for you. But besides back pain, according to a study by Healthline, being sedentary for a prolonged period of time can increase your risk of heart disease by nearly 50 percent. It’s important to stand and move around in order to better your blood flow, which ultimately has a great effect on your heart.

Speaking of getting the blood flowing, standing encourages movement which in turn helps maintain a healthy weight, while preventing metabolic syndrome. According to a new study by VitaMedica, workers who walked roughly 15,000 steps a day, had a normal body mass index, and no signs of high blood pressure of risks of heart disease. Although you won’t be walking per se, standing promotes movement which is great for your health.

More and more San Diego marketing agencies are beginning to provide their employees with a standing desk or standing desk stations and I hope to see this trend continue. This very simple height adjustment and moving from the seated to standing position is tremendously beneficial for the health and wellness of your employees and digital agencies as a whole. We look forward to utilizing our new standing desk here at New Dimension in San Diego and hope that this trend of health and wellness, which seems to be gaining steam throughout the digital industry continues.