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Why Color Matters in Marketing

In an era where content marketing drives customer action, brands must focus on color more than ever before in order to get noticed and appeal to consumers. Because color impacts thought and interpretation, color controls how your brand is perceived and how customers interact with your marketing efforts.
In order to have an appealing design for your brand, select a color scheme that genuinely reflects the real purpose and feel for what your company does. For example, the high fashion industry, and luxury cars companies, tend to use black because it portrays elegance and sophistication. Fast food companies often use red because studies have shown a link between the color red and hunger. However, it is important to remember that color is subjective, so it is crucial to test out color schemes on your target audience.

The initial stages of securing a color scheme should look like this:

1. Know Your Brand – What key words do you use to promote your brand? Examples: Trust, Wealth, Humor, Expertise, Sophistication

2. Choose Color Samples Accordingly – Different colors mean different things, research and select a color that you find best suits your brand

3. Test – Prepare surveys testing your desired color scheme and distribute to your target audience
Although color isn’t the only piece of Marketing, it’s the first thing people see, and leaves a lasting impression. Choose colors wisely!

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