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It’s 2015-Organize Your Team Online

Due to the high volume of virtual employees, freelancers and temp workers, companies have started introducing online collaboration tools in order for their teams to stay organized. Whether you’re a forty person team, or a ten person team, it helps having a central platform to make sure everyone is on the same page. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Basecamp

If you’re looking for something user-friendly, easy to search on, and an emphasis on communication, opt for Basecamp. Created by a business that needed a non-confusing project management software, Basecamp offers an inside perspective as to what employees desire internally to quickly and efficiently complete tasks.

Pricing: $24.00-$149.00 monthly depending on the number of projects

2. Slack

Slack is an inexpensive solution capable of supporting anything from a small business to an enterprise. It offers a real-time dashboard with a direct messaging center and a straightforward task manager. Slack allows you to break up into teams, in order to streamline projects and ensure overall organization as projects transition into different departments.

Pricing:$0-$15.00 per user monthly

3. Asana

Asana was created by the co-founder of Facebook, who clearly knows a thing or two about the nature of a startup. It ranks as one of our favorites because of its customizability. Asana offers the ability to assign tasks to co-workers, set goals, create deadlines, and organize the structure of a project in a way that makes the most sense to everyone involved.

Pricing (Premium): $21.00-$834.00 per month paid annually