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Pokemon IRL

For those mid-twenties Pokemon Master dreamers who always wanted to catch ’em all but were all too aware of the fact that Pokemon aren’t real… you can dream again. Nintendo is making your wishes come true with Pokemon Go – an app that lets you actually track and catch these critters via GPS. They’re hidden all around you and you’re able to locate, catch, and train your beloved Pokemon just like you did back in the day.

You can even use your newly trained Pokemon to battle against other people! This is all made available to you on the free-to-play, real world Pokemon app on Android and iPhone. The game will also come with in-app purchase options (presumably things like better pokeballs and potions). You can get really fancy with it and get a smartwatch-like device called Pokemon Go Plus that will allow you to command and control your newly trained companions better.

This video released seems to hint at the possibility of having bigger events bringing multiple “players” together to defeat a megaboss – in this video, Mewtwo. There isn’t a precise release date for the Pokemon Go app yet, however it will likely be making its debut sometime in early 2016.

While we’re fairly certain it won’t look near this good in real life, it’s still a nice idea and our inner child is pumped for this.