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3 Reasons Why Mohamed Ali Was A Branding Master

Mohamed Ali, many of us honor him for his greatness, in and out of the ring. His iconic status has reverberated through society on a global scale. Ali was spectacular boxer, but many of his culturally significant moments happened off the ropes. Ironically, the fighter was an advocate for peace and a true humanitarian by all measures. So, how was he great at branding? I will explain with these 3 points:


  1. Unique Value Proposition

    It’s a common question in business, “what’s your UVP?” Companies look to identify their strengths and play to them in hopes of gaining a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. So, what was Ali’s UVP? Without going too in-depth about his boxing career, Ali was THE champion who won in dramatic fashion. His unorthodox style made him interesting to watch and his personality made him a fighter to love. His fights were legendary and captivated people worldwide. Nobody could do what Ali did….and it made him an Icon.

  2.  Identity Branding

    Companies can flounder simply because of poor brand recognition. Your brand’s message should be clear, concise and consistent. If you haven’t seen an Ali fight, you’ve likely heard his words. Ali was known for his ability to promote himself with epic copyright, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” His mental sharpness was remarkable. The man’s nickname was “The Greatest”, how that for marketing genius? When Ali spoke, it gave his audience something to talk about for weeks to come. He became a source of original content and he became know as the greatest– a place all brands would like to be.

  3. Stand for Something

    Ali brought attention to the major issue of inequality. Mohamed Ali was an advocate for equality and had the courage to speak out publicly in order to increase the condition of life for everyone. Ali was a believer, a true believer. He has supported dozens of charities geared towards the improvement of well-being for all. Ali was also outspoken against the Vietnam War, which resonated with the large counter-culture of that era. Ali refused to take part in the Vietnam War and was even arrested for his refusal. Nevertheless, Mohamed didn’t budge, he stuck to his beliefs and set a precedent for future generations to come.

The takeaway from all of this? Be amazing! Create a brand that, 1) makes the world a better place and 2) inspires a group of people. Fight for your beliefs and stand up for what you believe in. Who knows, maybe you will change the world like “The Greatest”. RIP  Mohamed Ali