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LinkedIn For Your Business

LinkedIn is a beneficial social networking platform for business owners and  professionals to wanting to grow their business, connect with each other, seek new opportunities, give and get support, and to build relationships with clients, customers and partners.

LinkedIn is ideal for companies, small business owners, home-based businesses, freelancers and remote workers as LinkedIn not only helps establish business and careers but also allows business owners to be more connected to the global marketplace. LinkedIn is for the interconnection of professionals from all around the world. Worldwide, hundreds of million users are registered and connected through this social networking platform.

Unlike, Facebook and Instagram etc. where the focus is on friendship, LinkedIn is about generating strategic relationships, where quality matters more than  quantity.  How to Succeed on Instagram?

LinkedIn For Your Business

How to use LinkedIn?

Using LinkedIn is no more different than using any other social networks. Its popularity and benefits can be seen by the fact that one person logs on LinkedIn every second. This gives you an idea of the power of utilizing LinkedIn effectively.

The following are steps to get you started on LinkedIn:

  • First know how LinkedIn works.
  • Login to LinkedIn.
  • Make an attractive LinkedIn profile focusing on the benefits or services your business can provide to other members.
  • Once you complete the resume section, it is time to set up a business page which will be automatically linked with the resume in your LinkedIn profile.

To setup an attractive business page you will have to do the following:

  • Add a clear description of your brand or company. Brands with logos get 6 times more visits.
  • Attract more followers by adding easy links and creating a brand follow button.

How to find valuable LinkedIn groups for your company?

Different business groups can connect through LinkedIn, this connection allows the members to build beneficial relationships and connect with potential clients. Not all groups are equally beneficial, so you must determine which one is of your interests and more advantageous, so you can invest your efforts in the right place. While searching for a group, search on LinkedIn directly or you can also utilize Google. Another option is to ask fellow business experts.  

LinkedIn business promotions:

There are two main LinkedIn business promoting methods:

  1. Passive LinkedIn marketing
  2. Proactive LinkedIn marketingPassive LinkedIn marketing:

You can attract the customers, valuable clients and influencers by generating your connections and keeping your profile updated. This LinkedIn marketing approach can help your business a lot by:

  • Providing you the exposure to clients who are seeking your services and products.
  • Introducing your business to valuable clients who are otherwise difficult to reach.
  • Showcasing your business portfolio recommended by other members on LinkedIn.

    Proactive LinkedIn marketing:

Like any other business strategies, on LinkedIn you must participate more effectively and efficiently to get desired results. Linked advertising should be considered. Text Ads are a good way to start.

How to take advantage of LinkedIn to grow your business?

  • Regularly post status updates about your work and particularly any successes or wins. Includes posts on “how your offers or services can help others to achieve their goals”.
  • Join groups of your interest which are related to your business and participate in business discussions actively. Do not always discuss your business, but be a beneficial resource that other members can trust.
  • Invite members in your network and members of other groups to participate in other useful groups.
  • Build professional connections which are mutually beneficial for you and other members.
  • Paid LinkedIn advertising of your business can get your company in front of a massive business market quickly.
  • Paid LinkedIn membership gives an additional contact option. LinkedIn also offers a free trial to check the additional features before committing to a paid membership.

LinkedIn For Your Business

How to amplify your business on LinkedIn

To amplify your business through LinkedIn, here are some tips from experienced business leaders on LinkedIn:

  • Connect your LinkedIn profile with your other social networks.

There are many avenues to find members with similar interests (think Facebook, websites etc.) but these methods are not always enough. Connect these online networking resources with LinkedIn to provide your business more opportunities to be found by potential customers.  5 Ways to Build Trust with Social Media

  • Consider outsourcing your LinkedIn Business Page marketing

If you are not tech savvy or lacking in time, consider hiring an agency or consultant to build and manage your company page. This will help enhance your company’s approach to finding new potential customers, and a new culture can be established where members will contribute to a single mission.

  • Leverage already existing content stream

Utilizing successful status updates on other social networks to generate an impressive stream of content for your LinkedIn page and your personal profile.

  • Give value to followers

Your LinkedIn page must be designed around giving value to viewers of your interest through a steady stream of attractive, informative and insightful content.

  • Use monthly workforce reports of LinkedIn for trending on top of your local trends.

Work force report gives an insight for getting ahead of your business competitors. If you understand the ups and downs of your business economy, this will help you to reach your valuable customers and future employees.  

LinkedIn For Your Business

Get the Most Out of LinkedIn For Your Business

With hundreds of millions of members and still growing rapidly, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Use LinkedIn to connect to the professional worldwide to become more productive and successful. Ways LinkedIn can help you:

  1. Establish your professional profile and control search results for your name.
  2. Build and maintain your professional network.
  3. Find and reconnect with colleagues and classmates.
  4. Learn about other companies, and gain industry insights. Great or finding new clients and job seeking.
  5. Find other professionals in the same industry using groups to expand your knowledge and gain industry insights.
  6. Tap into the knowledge of your network and learn!
  7. A great place for companies looking to hire new talent.  LinkedIn is also a useful resource for discovering new career opportunities.