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How to Succeed on Instagram?

Are you trying to get more followers on your Instagram account? If so, you are in the right place. Instagram, is an extremely powerful social media platform used to share a brand’s visual story. Instagram has become a powerful digital marketing tool and many business want to know how to succeed on Instagram. But succeeding on the platforms means you first must build your Instagram followers.

Brands must share photos and videos that visually attract and engage users online. In fact, Instagram has become the fastest growing social media network which means that it is time to leverage the power of visual marketing on a mobile web.

Instagram can be used for sharing company updates, new product launches, behind-the-scenes images and much more. Further, Instagram is an ideal tool for building a brand’s identity and keeping the target audience connected with the company and its progress.

Here are some guidelines for how you can succeed on Instagram and gain more followers:

1. Tell a story

Your Instagram strategy must be based on a story. The photos you share must showcase products, customers, and the brand’s story. Brand messaging must be consistent with the requirements of the target audience. If these two aspects are correctly in place, you will be able to draft a winning Instagram strategy.

How to succeed on Instagram?

2. Use Hashtags

Instagram has different features when compared with other social media networks. Hashtags are one of them allowing users to find conversations of their interest easily. Brands can find customers who would have an interest in them. Search hashtags to engage with users who are talking about your industry or about your brand to attract a large fan following. This way, you will also be able to find industry influencers and expand your followers and following.

3. Focus on image quality

Images play a key role on Instagram. Don’t depend on Instagram filters for enhancing the quality and appearance of your images. You can use third-party apps for photo editing. Also, do not upload several photos at a time. Posting two to three photos per week is advisable.

How to succeed on Instagram?

4. Create a visually stunning profile

Instagram does not allow for too much detail. Your bio is just one line and there isn’t much that you can write about the brand. So, your profile in its true sense is your photo collection. Make sure that you use:
· High-resolution photos — they are what you need to grab the users’ eye
· Captions — once the image has captured the users’ attention, it is time for you to use witty and meaningful words that give the required information
· Hashtags — keep them simple, and clear. They must only be from your industry and nothing flowery.

5. Engage with the community

Instagram can give you high engagement rates. And the secret to engaging with your community is by liking and commenting on the posts of interested users. Identify a user in your industry, like 5 photos, comment on 3 posts and they’ll follow you.

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6. Content Strategy

Most brands think that posting a few photos or videos around the story they’ve prepared is enough. But that’s not true. You need to develop a comprehensive content strategy evaluating your efforts just as you would for a marketing campaign. This step-wise guide can help you prepare an effective content strategy:

Step 1 — Search for the most engaging posts in your industry. These could also be of your competitors. Note down the names of 5 to 7 competitors or leading brands in your industry and track the top posts in the last few months. Take a look at all the different aspects of image style, colors, brightness, themes, caption etc. and try to gauge what works. Don’t copy but use these insights to create a base.

Step 2 — Decide on a particular theme and develop content related to the idea. Prepare the content calendar for a month or two and review how posts will flow. Every post must have a consistent vibe.

Step 3 — Creativity is of immense importance on Instagram. Try to make your posts as unique as possible.

Step 4 — Start using photo editing tools. The content you post must be amazing to look at. Photos that are breathtaking and beautiful tend to catch the viewer’s eye and give you some following.
Building your content in advance may be time-consuming but is definitely rewarding. Quality content results in higher rates of engagement. When users appreciate the kind of posts you are making, chances of a conversion and a sale are higher.

How to succeed on Instagram?

7. Use a Call-To-Action

This is something all brands need to look into. What is it that attracts the attention of the users? Gorgeous photos of course. However, how do you want to engage with the users if there is no call-to-action?
Instagram captions are of immense importance. It gives users some content to read. In fact, this content is what highlights the main aspect of the post. Captions are a great way to use branded hashtags and call-to-action keywords.

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The Link

Instagram does not allow links in the caption. You can only include one link in the user bio. So, you need to move people to the bio and then expect them to visit your website or the landing page. Since you can only use one link in the bio, you must not settle for a single one. You should change it regularly and sometimes even daily if you have some offers and deals to promote.
Also, refrain from linking to your homepage. Give your users some kind of incentive and move them through your marketing funnel more effectively by linking to a specific web page.

There are many strategies you can utilize to highlight and promote your brand for success on Instagram. While the above-mentioned tips are good to start with, you can explore other features of the platform as well. Do remember that you do not need to use any specific keywords here for optimization because it is the hashtags that you are looking at to reach out to the target audience.