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Why is second screening so addictive?

When consuming media on television, recent studies have shown that more and more people are accessing a second screen simultaneously to access online media. When did the television become not enough for people? Why do people feel the need to view multiple screens at the same time?














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Here are a few reasons:

  1. The television program isn’t holding the viewers attention
  2. The program on television sparked an interest that required using a search engine
  3. The viewer is carrying on a conversation via text messaging
  4. The viewer receives a social media notification, and wants to check that account
  5. The viewer is busy “stalking” people on social media
  6. Pinterest is way too addictive to put down
  7. Viewers are multitasking television viewing with doing homework
  8. It’s a commercial break on television and the viewer doesn’t want to pay attention to commercials
  9. There’s no good programming on during that time, but the viewer likes having the TV turned on while their alone in their home
  10. The viewer’s second screen (laptop, tablet, smart phone) is sitting in front of them on the coffee table, and they just can’t help themselves!


What does this mean for advertisers?

If your customer is using a second screen to search on Google, then maintaining a Google presence is critical. If your consumer is second screening to get on social media, then your brand must be present on those social platforms to remain on their attention span.

Online advertising is essential to reach your audience.