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8 Ways to Anger Your Email Unsubscribers

Unfortunately, no matter how great your marketing newsletter may be, there will undoubtedly be those who are unsatisfied in your marketing lifetime. Whether it be because you emailed them one too many times, or because they just don’t need your information any longer; people are going to want

All New Update to YouTube’s Analytics

YouTube’s Analytics got a serious overhaul with an upgrade that will change the way you view your YouTube interactions. What makes something as arbitrary as reporting tools so unique? How about viewing the updates to your video in real-time?

Google Brings Us Snippets

True to Google form, it was found that the fine folk of Google were testing some form of knowledge graph data within the snippet of search results. Now, Google has officially confirmed the new feature on their Google Research Blog.

Mobile Ads

Mobile Ads Are Getting an Overhaul

Big(ger) things are coming to your mobile ads! Google released a recent statement that starting on October 15th mobile ads will have a new potential that supports ad extensions, rather than the previous short description lines. It’s no surprise that this will have some effect

The Many “Faces” of Facebook

As usual, Facebook loves to keep its users on their toes. However this time, it appears they’re trying to listen to their users. After some backlash the platform received based on its lack of news-based information: i.e. Ice Bucket dumping instead of Ferguson coverage,  they

How Online Marketing Compares To Traditional Promotion

Online marketing presents businesses nationwide with the opportunity to trade with the world. Local businesses can reach local audiences in a more direct way through even a simple website, while those who can spread their operations will benefit from a more developed online platform.