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How Online Marketing Compares To Traditional Promotion

Online marketing presents businesses nationwide with the opportunity to trade with the world. Local businesses can reach local audiences in a more direct way through even a simple website, while those who can spread their operations will benefit from a more developed online platform. Compared to offline marketing, online spend is still viewed as an alternative, albeit an increasingly essential one. But in many respects, online marketing methods have the edge over more traditional, offline types of marketing. Marketing online requires a different approach. Learning the fundamentals of this type of promotion can be of massive benefit to your business, allowing for more cost-effective, consistent results.

The first thing that is particularly interesting about online marketing is the potential for targeting. Consider the difference between a pay per click campaign with Google and an ad on a national TV station. Most businesses aren’t Coca Cola, and as a result it can be difficult to ensure you are reaching your audience with the TV ad.

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Perhaps most importantly, you’ll never know anyway. With the PPC campaign, the opposite is true. Not only can demographics be refined to a base level for advanced targeting, but you can also reach out in a much tighter way. PPC advertising, and indeed the wider online marketing offering, enables businesses to find the customers they are looking for and pitch them directly on a low-risk basis.

The targeting capabilities of online marketing are a large part of its appeal, particularly when compared to traditional, much less targeted media. But it turns out online advertising is cheaper too. At any rate, business owners can choose to regulate the amount of money they are willing to spend on PPC promotions, with virtually no minimum spend to adhere to. Working with marketing consultants like FoundUB4, it can be possible to save on the overall costs of the marketing campaign, while still ensuring you can optimize results.

One thing that should be inherently and immediately obvious is the statistical differences between traditional and online. In the online environment, you can gain access to highly intricate, detailed statistics, which can be invaluable for making business decisions. This means you can channel your spend into those strategies that are working most effectively for your business, while cutting down on wastage. With costs already comparing favorably to more traditional methods, the idea of sharpening the efficiency of your spend can have a massive impact on bottom line results.

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When you have access to and command over these traffic and conversion statistics, you can draw definite conclusions about the performance of your marketing campaign. But beyond that, it is essential that you split-test different components of your website and landing pages, not to mention the types of campaign you are using at the time. In order to establish the best working model, it is crucial to test, monitor and tweak performance. This almost mathematical approach to marketing is only made possible thanks to the control afforded by the Internet.