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Siri for Facebook

Facebook isn’t one to miss out on technology advancements. With the popularity of personal assistants like Siri, and Cortana, Facebook is jumping on board with a service simply called, “M.” It will reside within the messaging application to answer user’s questions and offer ideas for

Social Media Campaigns That Rule

What makes a creative and successful social media campaign? Look closely at some successful brands and you’ll see then tend to have some similar characteristics. A greatly successful plan utilizes four main strategies: a plan with a purpose, measurable goals, promotion across various channels, and

Google Panda 4.2 is Finally Here

Google Panda has gotten yet another refresh this weekend. You’re probably wondering what we’re referring to, as you may not have noticed any differences just yet. That’s only because the rollout of the latest update is happening fairly slowly. Google says it will likely take

Facebook Wants You To Shop

“Soon, not only will you be able to like, poke, and share on Facebook, but thanks to a new test you will also be able to purchase product.” ¬†Facebook has grown from a platform used to connect with friends, socialize, and mindlessly share content, to

Benefits of a Standing Desk

As we begin to quickly creep up on the New Year, New Dimension (NDMR) marketing agency in San Diego, is already taking big steps to create a more healthy and wellness-focused workplace environment. Like they always say, there is no better investment than in yourself!

Why Color Matters in Marketing

In an era where content marketing drives customer action, brands must focus on color more than ever before in order to get noticed and appeal to consumers. Because color impacts thought and interpretation, color controls how your brand is perceived and how customers interact with

Make a Better First Impression with Your Emails

It’s easy to lose the human side of communication in the digital world. Keep in mind, there are real people behind those keyboards and monitors. This means when you interact with customers digitally, you’re still responding to human needs, creating emotional connections, and providing value.

Generation Z – The New Millennial

With the reign of the Millennial generation coming to an end, marketing strategists are evolving marketing efforts to appeal and attract Generation Z. Emerging as a larger, and more influential generation compared to Millennials, strategists have begun to realize how big of an opportunity there

Responsive Design: Pros and Cons

By now it’s know that having a mobile marketing strategy for ad landing pages is important and necessary. There are currently three major accepted tactics for mobile devices: maintaining separate mobile URLs, responsive design, and dynamic serving. Responsive design is when the layout is fluid